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Balanced Pantry, LLC assists clients with developing and modifying Nutrition Facts labels and Ingredients statements for food products, understanding and complying with nutrient content and health claims on food labels and restaurant menus, menu/recipe analysis and modification, and developing nutrition communications materials. Areas of expertise include the following:

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Developing and modifying Nutrition Facts labels and Ingredients statements for food products

Balanced Pantry can help you develop new Nutrition Facts labels or Ingredients statements, modify existing Nutrition Facts labels or Ingredients statements to reflect product or regulatory changes, assess the impact of potential product changes on nutrient and ingredient profiles of food products, and understand and comply with nutrient and health-related label claims.

Modifying recipes and menus to reduce sodium content

Packaged and restaurant foods are receiving increasing scrutiny about the amount of sodium they contain. If you need to modify a recipe or meal to increase the healthfulness and lower the amount of sodium – whether by product and ingredient substitutions, reading and comparing food labels to choose lower sodium options, changing cooking techniques, or training kitchen and culinary staff, Balanced Pantry can help.

Translating science-based information into meaningful and easy to understand materials for myriad audiences

Credible information coupled with messages tailored for your specific audience is the key to success. Balanced Pantry can assist you with developing and sharing credible, tailored messages through written, oral, and social communications including development of articles for scientific journals and general-interest media, and general freelance nutrition writing.

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