Easy Meal Plans from Registered Dietitians


When clients ask me what’s the one thing they can do to help themselves eat better during the week, I always say prep as much as you can at the beginning of the week and plan your meals. Well, my girls started preschool today and instead of prepping snacks, meals, etc., yesterday, I waited until the last minute and had to skip my early morning workout to make sure I had everything done before they left for school. It’s no secret that meal planning can help you stick to your eating goals throughout the week, assist with weight loss and maintenance, and help curb food costs and food waste. It can also increase the likelihood that your family will actually sit down for dinner together after a busy day, rather than scramble to get everyone fed. As a registered dietitian, I often get asked to develop meal plans for clients, and the same thing keeps reoccurring. I tell them I don’t do meal plans, then I spend about 30 minutes compiling online resources to send them for meal planning help (which many times I use myself for my own family). So, finally I decided just to put it all in one place for easy reference by anyone looking for a variety of healthy, delicious meal plans. Check out the eight different meal planning sites below to find one that works for you. Grocery shopping for meal planning

Ann Dunaway and Lesley Baradel from My Menu Pal offer infographics, recipes and weekly meal plans.  The menu plans are categorized into a Spring & Summer season and Fall & Winter season, and they offer both classic and gluten-free versions. Each weekly menu plan has recipes for 4 entrées, 1 to 2 side dishes for each entrée, a grocery shopping list for all ingredients and myriad cooking tips. There’s a small fee for the menu plan – $1.49 each – but a discount is applied as more are purchased. $4.99 gets your monthly menu planning done!

Gathered Table compiles meal plans from dietitians such as Basheerah Enahora, Owner of BE Nutrition and Julie Harrington of RDelicious Kitchen. A variety of weekly meal plans are offered, including anti-inflammatory, low FODMAP, vegan, 3-2-1 batch cooking (3 days, 2 meals, 1 snack), and more. A free trial is offered and subscription plans begin at $19 per month.

The founders of Healthy Glo worked with dietitian Katie Proctor to develop seasonal meal plans starting at $32.00 for 6 weeks. Fitness plans and bundled food and fitness packages are offered as well.

Dietitian Amanda Enright offers personalized meal plans via Wildtree. Dinner recipe suggestions and a grocery list are offered based on the user’s preferences. Wildtree also sells products they suggest you use in each recipe, but substitute items from the grocery store could be used instead if you don’t want to purchase the suggested products.

Small Bites owner Jessica Levinson offers a weekly menu plan updated every Monday, and will send you a free e-book Top 10 Meal Planning Tips for Busy Families after signing up for her newsletter. 

Leslie Schilling of Your Supper Solution has weekly dinner menus emailed to subscribers every Friday. Menus include step-by-step prep tips, and a snack and grocery list. The menus come with a subscription fee.

For cross-fitters and other Paleo lovers, Allison Schaff of Prep Dish has gluten-free and paleo weekly meal plans that come with a printable grocery list and instructions for prep day. Monthly subscriptions start at $14.

Check them out and let me know which one you like best! Happy meal planning.