Eating Breakfast Does Matter


Breakfast does matterWe’ve all heard the adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and now a preliminary study suggests that yes, eating breakfast does matter. Results indicate that beginning each day with breakfast may help keep weight off over the years. The study analyzed 347 adults and found those who reported usually eating breakfast had smaller waistlines AND were less likely to be obese compared to people who reported usually skipping breakfast. Findings also suggest eating breakfast helps keep weight off over the years, as the breakfast-eaters gained less than 3 pounds, on average, over the 12-year study period compared to breakfast-skippers who gained about 8 pounds. While this preliminary research looks promising if you’re a breakfast believer, it’s important to note that when looking at the peer-reviewed research overall, findings are mixed on whether eating breakfast does matter in helping to keep off weight.

Does breakfast make more of a difference in men’s health? 
However, there could be additional benefits to eating breakfast other than just the potential for weight maintenance over time, especially for men. A 2013 study published in the journal Circulation tracked 26,902 men ages 45-82 over a 16-year period and found men who reported regularly skipping breakfast had a 27% higher risk of heart attack or death from coronary heart disease compared to men who didn’t report skipping breakfast. These findings are consistent with a 2017 statement from the American Heart Association (AHA) suggesting that not skipping breakfast is associated with healthier diets which could reduce the risk for heart disease. According to the AHA, daily breakfast-eaters are less likely to have high cholesterol and blood pressure and breakfast-skippers are more likely to be obese, have inadequate eating patterns, and have a higher risk of type two diabetes due to inadequate blood sugar regulation.

While more research is needed to determine whether eating breakfast does matter in helping to keep off weight, there are easy things you can do to ensure your breakfast is healthy and nutrient dense. Check out the tips, below! whole grain pancakes for breakfast

  • Add in dried fruit, shredded vegetables, unsalted nuts and whole grain flour to homemade muffins, breakfast breads, waffles and pancakes. Try this Whole Wheat Cranberry Muffin recipe from AHA.

  • Place some overnight oats in your morning rotation, and wake up to a healthy, ready-to-eat breakfast. Try this Overnight Oats recipe from Bob’s Redmill that’s packed with healthy nut butter and flax seed.

  • Try your hand at smoothie making. Healthy smoothies don’t even need a recipe since you can pretty much just add whatever ingredients you like. Simply throw in your favorite frozen fruits, nut butters, seeds, milk, yogurt or dairy alternatives, and even vegetables like spinach.

  • Hard boil eggs ahead of time for grab-and go mornings, or for days you have extra time, to eat on top of whole grain toast with sliced avocado, cucumber, red onion and lemon.

  • Keep mason jars filled with plain Greek yogurt, flax or chia seed, and fruit in the fridge for a quick and easy yogurt parfait.
yogurt parfait for breakfast

What are your healthy breakfast hacks? Share them in the comments, below!